Roast: medium to dark (agtron 46)
Blend: 90% Arabica: Thai, Indonesian and more
Aroma: very intense toasty tone, nuts, and spices
Flavor: strong, heavy body, slightly bitter, best with milk or old school Italian style espresso

*Best for hot or cold, milk-based drinks

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G-45 is our best seller product. It contains 90% of arabica and 10% of robusta. This blend is the medium to dark roasted beans, which has been the common preference for most Thai people, suitable for hot/cold black coffee and milk-based coffee. It gives a strong and heavy body with an intense toasty tone, nuts, coconut, and spices. We delicately blended from 5 origins; Ethiopia, Indonesia, India, Northern and Southern Thailand.

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250 g., 500 g.